A Word From Brady About Filling Your Practice With Ideal Patients
We help Implant, Emergency and Clear Aligner Dentists achieve Sustainable New Patient Flow by implementing the Dental Expert Marketing Ecosystem
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"I went from an average of 6 implants per month to 40 within 6 months of integrating the DEM Ecosystem.  I bought a second location to keep up!"
Dr. Bessonet, DDS
"Here is a quick video from Brady and 4 other dentists regarding incorporating the DEM Emergency Funnel Ecosystem!"
Dr. Brady Frank, DDS
How Dental Expert Marketing Helps You Fill Your Practice with Ideal New Patients Within Your Budget

Our expert team overviews your existing marketing plan and integrates our proven strategies to effortlessly get new patients in your schedule. Do more of your favorite procedures by attracting specific patients that desire those procedures.  This is especially true with implants and clear aligners!

We do this through the following activities:

• Social media ads that work

• Implant and Clear Aligner Funnels that convert 

• Customized Radio commercials

• Inexpensive TV ads

• Newspaper ads for the Boomers!

• Group discount on oversized postcards

• Optional Scheduling Center usage

• Automated E-mails and Texts

DEM Implant Funnel Case Studies 

Dr. Williams, Dallas TX
Dr. McAnaney, Lake Taxoma
Dr. Bessonet, Geismar LA

DEM Emergency Funnel Case Studies 

Dr. Barth
Dr. Lindgren
Dr. Marino
Dr. Hildenbrand
Dr. Lindgren, DDS

Cottage Grove, MN

"We had a $10K and $8K Implant case the first week.  They know how to bring in Implant Patients!"
Dr. McAnaney, DDS

Lake Taxoma, TX

"We went from averaging $200K to over $300K per month solo.  DEM helped double my NET take home income and double my implants"
Dr. Williams, DDS, AAID

Allen, TX

"Our 12 op, 4 doctor practice has tried every marketing strategy over the years.  This is the best marketing we have used in our 16 year history and we continue to grow.  I highly recommend Kyle Hill and his team"
Dr. Marino, DDS

New Jersey

"We do a lot of Invisalign at our practice but the DEM Emergency Funnel filled up our schedule and brought us through the Coronavirus Recession"
Dr. Anderson, DDS


"We just added our 5th location and appreciate all the new patient leads to keep out new docs busy, happy and productive!"
Dr. Kostrzewski, DDS


"Nobody beats the DEM price from 17 cents to 28 cents per postcard.  I like how all media forms from FB, Funnel, Postcards work together to solve the new patient equation"

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